Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our Acupuncture team offers a wide variety of services rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our team will help bring you into balance by incorporating ancient healing practices
into your modern life.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

In a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) health assessment, a practitioner will gather comprehensive information about your current health concerns and health history . This assessment aims to understand the underlying imbalances in your body and identify the most effective treatment approach. Here are some common components of a TCM health assessment:

Tongue and pulse diagnosis
Individualized  herbal therapy
Diet and lifestyle reccomendations

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Acupuncture is a healing practice using fine needles to stimulate specific points on your body. These points are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and its approach to healing. The points selected will be individualized based on your unique needs. Acupuncture is an evidence based treatment and patient favorite for reliable results.

Acupuncture is used to treat a variety of conditions, clinically, we have seen great results by adding acupuncture to treatment plans for:

Acute and Chronic Pain
Pregnancy Care
Birth Prep
Hot Flashes
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We offer cupping as a stand alone treatment or add-on to your acupuncture session!  Cupping increases local blood circulation to help reduce inflammation from chronic injuries or newer concerns, and can speed athletic recovery time.

Cupping therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions, clinically, we have seen great results by adding cupping to treatment plans for:

First Trimester Nausea
Chronic back pain
Athletic Recovery
Plantar Fascitis

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Herbal Medicine

The two primary treatment modalities in Traditional Chinese Medicine are herbal medicine and acupuncture. Herbal medicine may be added to any treatment plan to speed or enhance results. Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs are concentrated granules that are usually taken in tea form. A Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine can prescribe an effective combination of herbs based on your individual symptom picture.

Women’s health and fertility
Digestive concerns
Chronic cough or congestion
Chronic pain
Stress & Anxiety

Curious about acupuncture for IUI/IVF or how to prepare for your egg retrieval? Download our guide!

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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Our cosmetic acupuncture or acupuncture facial uses specialized needle protocols, facial massage, cupping, gua sha and red light therapy. We include several points on the body for a balanced full body treatment. This treatment promotes blood flow, collagen and elastin production and cell regeneration in the face. This treatment helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and an overall improvement in skin texture and tone.

Cosmetic Acupuncture can help with:

Skin rejuvination
Fine lines
Dark circles
Lymphatic drainage in the face

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We offer evidence based protocols specifically for improving success with IVF/IUI. Studies show that acupuncture can improve pregnancy outcomes (carrying to term). Acupuncture also helps reduce stress overall and build resiliency which is very important for both overall health and the IVF/IUI journey.

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