All services and prices listed below, inclusive of details pertaining to billing extended health insurance. Please note, newly added treatments or promos may not be reflected, please inquire if you do not see the specific treatment you are looking for.

Naturopathic Care

Direct Billing Available to MOST major insurance companies - we recommend contacting your provider to confirm.

Initial Naturopathic Consultation (60 min)
Follow-Up Consultation (30 min)
Extensive Follow Up Consultation (45 min)
Intramuscular Injection Service (15 min)
Starting at $25 c(varies based on vitamins)

Drips & Injections

Reimbursement of receipt available for those with Naturopathic coverage; irect billing available for safety consult only.

IV Safety Consultation (20 min)
*required before booking any drip appointments
Standard Myers Cocktail (60 min)
Magnesium, Calcium, B-complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B5
Glutathione Drip (30 min)
Injection Appointments (10 min)
Price varies based on vitamin. B12 and vitamin D available.


Direct Billing Available to most major insurance companies. We recommend contacting your provider to confirm.

Initial Assessment + Treatment (75 min)
Acupuncture for Returning Clients (55 min)
Momentum Treatment for Returning Clients (40 min)
Cupping Session (45 min)

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